Runda eBike

A super sturdy bicycle with a heavy duty frame made from recycled aluminium and mono forks for easy access and maintenance-friendliness.

The design is centered around a functional void, a trapezoid "heart" where iPads, laptops, books, sketchbooks, bags etc can be carried safely during rides. This centre space also contains an energy module, boosting your ride with extra power if required.

A single high contrast display provides relevant information and is integrated in the stem.

Integrated handlebar high intensity positioning lights for increased safety. Motorists will pay attention to your presence and space required to pass more safely. These “lantern” lights also function as indicators using a motorcycle-type switch in reach of your thumb. Always-on when riding means no more problems with forgotten attachable lights or empty batteries. 

The frame has a cargo module connector for further load capacity, above front wheel for a better weight distribution and a balanced ride quality.

Objectives with this project include presenting another answer to energy efficient personal mobility - a slightly different take on the bicycle. A long lasting pragmatic design solution with strong appearance that uses natural and recycled materials as far as possible to reduce environmental impact. Who knows, it might even tempt motorists to leave the car at home in favour of practical and fun rides - to go for a "runda"!

Runda is created for urban bike rental schemes as well as for private use.

Specifications to be decided and confirmed. Preliminary as below.

Logical cockpit design with clear interfacing display, left/right indicator and energy boost controls.

Integrated handlebar lights - front and rear - left and right. ...also double as indicators.

Energy module in base of frame for low center of gravity.

Electric assistance through a rear hub motor and belt drive for many miles of smooth clean problem-free riding.

Saddle, handles and frame-bag are made of fabrics, coated with Bio-resin for waterproofing and durability, still providing that tactile feel...

Optional heavy duty front rack for extra cargo connected.

General purpose cargo mesh., flexible and practical.


Preliminary specifications, to be decided and confirmed:

Efficient hub motor in rear wheel: 250-1000W

Standard legal EU classifications.

Version 1: 250W hub motor and a top speed of 25 km/h (L1e-A Europe, no license required).

Version 2: 1000W hub motor and top speed 45 km/h (L1e-B Europe, pedalled “Moped”).

Central storage space for iPad, laptop, bag etc.

Compact frame with lower than standard step-over height.

Integrated positioning lights, white forward, red rearward. Doubles as indicators.

This version uses Bioresin-coated fabrics in saddle and handles for a natural and tactile human connection to the bicycle. It provides flexibility, durability and weather proofing.

Heavy duty front rack connector for deliveries and transport.

Charge with cable or by removing and connecting battery pack at home.

26” wheels (559 ETRTO).

Weight about 17 kg.

Mudguards and lock connector in development.

No further specifications at this stage.

For Doehmers Research Lab in Sweden.
Designer: Torkel Doehmers.