NEVS Sango project

Interior design for the NEVS Sango vehicle, a fully autonomous electric vehicle providing shared mobility, as part of PONS Mobility Ecosystem.

It can carry up to 6 passengers with 3 different functional interior modes: Privacy Mode, Social Mode and Family Mode. These settings are obtained by automatic moving of seating and privacy walls.
Design Concept: Spacious, private and calm. The new way of commuting. We wanted to create a space where you naturally feel ZEN, thereby focusing on calm lines and soft shapes. Main theme of the interior is based on geometrically comfortable radiuses. This is reflected in the seating and the spacious overhead glass roof, that also contains an integrated info screen. The horizontal light-line around the whole interior gives a comfortable feeling of "wrap around"...

Interior design: Torkel Doehmers and Ula Fecko + Team

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